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This happens to be a Model from our previous shows.

Previous show model wearing a bright yellow Mohair skirt and jacket.

  • Our show will be held at the Ozona Senior Center, Saturday December 5, 2015 @ 2pm.
  • Wool and Mohair jackets by Dolores Unique Designs in Camp Wood, Tx!
  • Refreshments and exciting prizes will be given out!

Don’t miss the Veteran’s Exhibit

Stop by and see Crockett County Museum’s Annual Veteran’s Exhibit on display now until December 18th 2015

Here’s a quick preview of a few of the things you will see in our Veteran’s Exhibit:

Welcome Tourist!

Vetrans ExhibitMarch in to the Crockett County Museum and have a tour of our annual Veteran’s exhibit to honor those who served. This exhibit will be available for a limited time. You don’t want to miss it!

Some of the exhibits you will see in this include

  • Information and items of women who served our country that are former and present citizens of Crockett County.
  • Photos of our veterans who have served dating all the way back to the Civil War through Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Welcome Jennifer Marquez Medina

jennifer-marquez-medinaWe want to welcome our new staff member, Jennifer Marquez Medina.  Jennifer is a 2014 graduate  of Ozona High School.  Stop by some day to visit the museum and say hi to Jennifer.

Here are some interesting tidbits about Jennifer:

  • She received her certificate of cosmetology from Texas College of Cosmetology in June 2015.
  • She is a Catholic Catecesis Education instructor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
  • OLPH Guadalupana
  • She waitressed at local restaurants Truck Stop and Café Next Door & Taqueria 163.
  • Worked at Subway for four months.
  • She’s a newlywed (just got married last weekend to Micheal Medina Jr.) . . .CONGRATS!!!

Art from someone else’s memories


Could you imagine creating a drawing from someone else’s memory?

In 1994, Eugene Miller, known to the locals as “Jake” asked Bob Wallace to draw the old Jones Miller Ranch as it was in 1929.  He had only the memories from Mr. Miller to go by.

Bob Wallace used all of his God-given talents to create what was in Jake’s mind.  The two men formed a new friendship with countless memories relived as “Jake” shared his memories.  It took six months and lots of patience, but Bob Wallace was up to the task and his work of art is now in Crockett County Museum.

We caught this picture of Bob Wallace when he dropped by the museum recently.  He is a retired art teacher from Ozona Jr. High (before it was called middle school).  He was also a former principal for CCCSD in Ozona where he and his wife taught for 28 years.

You can see this work on display on the Third Story of our Museum just out side of the rattlesnake exhibit.  (Don’t worry, he won’t bite!)

We will see you at the museum soon!

Alamo’s Gregorio Esparza Relative Visits

We rarely think about the fact that people celebrate birthdays during war times.

Today, we get to learn about Gregorio Esparza who had a birthday during the siege at the Alamo!  Plus, one of his descendants visited our collection recently!


Dolly Morales, Gregorio Esparza’s descendant visited the Crockett County Museum, so we thought we would share his story with you.

Happy Birthday Señor Esparza 2/25/1802


Gregorio Esparza was born on Feb. 25, 1802 in San Antonio de Bejar. He was a Tejano who enlisted in Juan Seguin’s company in 1835 and fought in the siege of Bexar.

Upon arrival of Santa Anna, he moved his family into the Alamo and fought with the Texans. Col. Travis allowed local citizens to leave the Alamo but Esparza elected to stay and fight. His family remained with him. His 34th birthday occurred on this day while he was a defender at The Alamo.

According to Dr. Bruce Winders – Alamo Curator and Historian, it is not known if Gregorio got to enjoy any type of birthday celebration on this day… 179 years ago at The Siege of The Alamo.

For the full story on Gregorio, click onto this link:…/the-defend…/defenders/esparza.html

Twinkle Toe Shop -Ozona Slipper Exhibit 2015

From a sewing circle type operation, with a boss called Mama to a plant which sold over $872,000 worth of bedroom slippers in 1963 is the story of Mayde.

A casual hobby that started in 1944 on a ranch 50 miles from the nearest town, Mayde’s scuffs first started as a Christmas gift giving venture during World War II when selections were unsatisfactory at the local general store. The scuffs (slippers) were so well received that by March of 1948 Mayde set up a factory in her hometown of Ozona, Texas. The factory was called The Twinkle Toe Shop and by August of that year the shop had 12 employees and 14 accounts.

By 1949 the business had outgrown its Ozona plant and so the factory was moved to San Angelo, Texas where it then became The Bailey Shoe Co. In 1956 the Bailey Shoe Co became a trademark. Mayde’s Scuff were sold in upscaled stores like Nieman-Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Sanger-Harris, Volk Bros, Saks Fifth Ave, Marshall Fields and Macy’s.

Now you can view the actual slippers made by this Ozona company.  The slipper exhibit is on display now.

Mohair Style Show 2014

2014 Mohair Style Show

November 2014 Updates

Did you see our Veterans Day Exhibit? If not, see our ‘virtual tour.’


December 5 will be our annual Wool and Mohair Fashion show.


Call the office to get your tickets today.