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Alamo’s Gregorio Esparza Relative Visits

We rarely think about the fact that people celebrate birthdays during war times.

Today, we get to learn about Gregorio Esparza who had a birthday during the siege at the Alamo!  Plus, one of his descendants visited our collection recently!


Dolly Morales, Gregorio Esparza’s descendant visited the Crockett County Museum, so we thought we would share his story with you.

Happy Birthday Señor Esparza 2/25/1802


Gregorio Esparza was born on Feb. 25, 1802 in San Antonio de Bejar. He was a Tejano who enlisted in Juan Seguin’s company in 1835 and fought in the siege of Bexar.

Upon arrival of Santa Anna, he moved his family into the Alamo and fought with the Texans. Col. Travis allowed local citizens to leave the Alamo but Esparza elected to stay and fight. His family remained with him. His 34th birthday occurred on this day while he was a defender at The Alamo.

According to Dr. Bruce Winders – Alamo Curator and Historian, it is not known if Gregorio got to enjoy any type of birthday celebration on this day… 179 years ago at The Siege of The Alamo.

For the full story on Gregorio, click onto this link:…/the-defend…/defenders/esparza.html


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